Gangster and The Home

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Tara and LA BAGUE AU ROI at Wetherby.


Stacie took her beloved Gangster out hunting on Saturday for the first time. He is a very sensible horse and we thought it would be good for him to have a change of scenery for the day. They had a wonderful time and Gangster loved his day out. He is now owned by Jim and Claire Bryce and he should be running very soon in their colours.

The Home

Due to the rain we have been able to get the horses onto the grass gallops. The Home is a grass gallop between The Bowl and The Back Of The Hill gallop which is a fantastic way to give horses a feel of what it is like being on a racecourse and is a great way of educating the young horses and refreshing the older ones.

Staff Profile

Stacie Bromley

Age: 28

Nationality: British

Role at WGR: Second Head Lass

Previous work before WGR: Ben Pollock Racing

Hobbies outside of racing: Reading Books

Favourite horse at WGR: Gangster

Favourite horse in training: The Wolf

Greatest racing moment: Cole Harden winning the World Hurdle

Dream job outside of racing: Photographer

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