Happy Easter!

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England has had a ridiculously hard winter and these past few weeks have been no exception. We have barely had any respite from the snow and rain and has made it incredibly hard for trainers and racecourses. Above is a photo of the run in at Huntingdon underwater. Due to all of this we won’t have many runners this week as we will need to wait for better ground with a majority of the horses.


BOB MAHLER  has always been a horse with a huge amount of talent but it has come with some quirks. He has always been in the frame and travels fantastically well until he approaches the finish, where seems to change his mind and appears to get a bit lonely.

At Wetherby he did just this, he was kept up in touch by Richard Johnson until they took the lead at the eighth. They were five lengths clear when BOB MAHLER put in a Might Bite like performance and started wandering from the side to side. Dickie used all of his strength to keep him as straight as he could and managed to coax Bob into going forwards to fend off the ever closing effort of Hills Of Connemara. They ended up crossing the line four lengths in the lead and shows the huge amount of ability this cheeky horse does have.

It is fantastic for his owner’s Bolingbroke, Bunch, Howard & Sutton for him to get his head in front, and now that he has, hopefully he will understand how much fun it is and we will see his full potential.

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