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Sunny Summer Holidays

The world thankfully seems to be taking steps in the direction towards normality and whilst that is happening we have to admit that we feel very lucky. We were able to enjoy the majority of the main Jumps Racing season and most of our horses have been enjoying a well deserved rest in the field, whilst the sun has been shining and the grass growing. Their summer holidays may have been a little longer than normal but as a result we have no doubt that they have come back into work well-rested and ready to get down to business. Most are starting back into main work over the next few weeks and we are very excited to really get going again.

Chef Greatrex

Due to recent lockdown restrictions and the fact that their has been no racing to go to Warren has naturally found himself with a bit more time on his hands and as a result has built himself his very own Pizza Oven. The mighty construction was put together over a three week period and so far, he is delighted to say, it has been a great success. So, once the yard is ready to welcome visitors again, let’s hope that pizza, cooked by none other than Warren himself of course, will be on the menu!!

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