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Whilst our small team of summer jumpers have kept our flag flying high on the track, the winter horses have been spending the last 8 weeks soaking up the sun (and rain) in the fields.

The horses are now coming back to the yard, the early season runners and the heavier horses come in first- although we like the horses to do well whilst on holiday, it is beneficial to make sure they don’t get too fat, to make sure the extra weight doesn’t put too much pressure on the joints when coming back into work.

Rhonehurst has been a hive of activity whilst they have been away; all the stables have been steam cleaned and painted by our brilliant team of staff, and there have been even more improvements and additions to the yard as well. Rhonehurst now boasts 6 individual turnout paddocks which look out over the arena, and 2 sand pits for the horses to roll in after exercise.

Giving the horses as much opportunity as possible to enjoy natural activities is really important for their health and well being and is what we strive to achieve here, there is nothing better than seeing happy horses, and it is reflected in their work, and hopefully on the track!

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