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When we wrote the Newsletter last week, I’m not sure we knew what the rest of the week had in store for us!

The ‘Troll of Trondheim’ as it has been dubbed, brought temperatures of Minus 10 Degrees to Lambourn, conditions which have not been seen in over a decade! It has been a monumental effort by the staff to keep the show on the road, and the horses have been looked after to the high standard they are used to, despite their carers having numb hands and feet!

Thankfully, the weather warmed up over the weekend, but the cold weather was immediately replaced by torrential rain instead. This morning saw some of the soggiest staff I have ever seen, and against all odds, they were still smiling!

Words cannot express how tough these guys are to keep working in all conditions, always with the welfare of the horses on their minds. I am truly grateful; and am looking forward to now being able to have some runners so we can reap the rewards of all the hard work… As they say, Team Work makes the Dream Work!


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